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Chinese Character to Dungan Converter

  Chinese Han Character - Dungan Cyrillic alphabet convertor / Китайский - Дунганский транслитератор
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The Dungan language is spoken by the Dungan people in modern day Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Their cyrillic writing system is toneless and is based on the Gansu and Shaanxi dialects.

Язык Дунганская говорят людьми дунганскими в современной Киргизии и Казахстана. Их кириллица система письма является бесцветным и основан на диалектах Ганьсу и Шэньси.

There is anecdoctal evidence that Chinese Hui visitors from Gansu-Shaanxi two regions are able to communicate with the Dungan people without much difficulty although they note that the Dungan vocabulary contains many 'old-fashioned' Chinese terminology which is no longer used in everyday speech in China. For example:
*The Dungans still use the word "Emperor "皇上"/"皇帝" (“Хуанди‎”) when referring to the current President.
*For the word "Government", the Dungans use "衙門" instead of the modern Chinese word "政府".
*For the word "Police", the Dungans use "衙役" instead of the modern Chinese word "警察".
*For the word "School", the Dungans use "學堂" instead of "學校".

Nevertheless as Dungans come into more business contact with Chinese speakers from China, they are also adopting certain modern Chinese words such as "дянхуа" (電話, Telephone).


Chinese Han Character - Dungan Cyrillic Convertor

Китайское письмо - Дунганский язык Конвертер

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