Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chinese Character and Chunom Characters to Vietnamese Converter

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  Chinese Character and Chunom Characters to Vietnamese Converter / Trung Quốc để dịch tiếng Việt Chữ nôm (字喃) is a logographic writing system used to write the Vietnamese language..

In contrast to the few hundred Japanese kokuji and handful of Korean gukja, which are mostly rarely used characters for indigenous natural phenomena, Vietnamese scribes created thousands of new characters, used throughout the language.

On Chữ nôm Wikipedia, you can view vietnamese articles written in the Chữ nôm and Chinese characters and this conversion tool enables you to view those articles in the Vietnamese latin orthography.

Some Han characters may not have been input into the tool, so you can help improve the accuracy of this tool by leaving a comment below stating which Chinese or Chữ nôm words are missing and what their Vietnamese latin equivalents should be and I will add those words into the tool.

Note: This tool does not convert both ways, so if a Han Character word has been converted into romanized vietnamese, then it is not possible to have it converted back to the Han character. If you are looking for a Vietnamese latin to Chữnôm converter, then use this tool.           

Chinese Character and Chunom Characters to Vietnamese Converter

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here you get it in Vietnamese:

If you spot any mistakes or have any recommendations for improvement, simply leave a comment below or click on "Report Mistake" to send me a message, Thank you and enjoy!

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  1. Great, but please make it two-side convertable.

    1. For an Automatic Quốc Ngữ to Nôm transliteration, visit this site: http://www.chunom.org/pages/moses/