Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Korean Hangul to Hanja Converter!

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  Korean Hangul to Hanja Converter / 한글을 한자로 변환
On Metawiki discussion page, a user stated that it was 'impossible' to create a Hangul to Hanja conversion tool because 'Computers cannot understand human language'.

I disagreed with such a statement and have therefore proceeded to create a Hangul to Hanja conversion tool.

Due to the immensely large Hanja vocabulary in existence, there are still numerous vocab to add into the tool (for example, placenames, names of organizations, names of people) so let me know whenever you spot a Hangul word (2 sylablles or above) that can be written in Hanja Characters.

You can help improve the accuracy of the tool by leaving a comment below stating what those Hangul words are and what their Hanja equivalents should be and I will add those word pairs into the tool.

Usage: This tool converts both ways, so if a hangul word has been converted into Hanja, then it is possible to have it converted back to Hangul. Note: This tool does not convert individual Hangul syllables into Hanja nor does it convert individual Hanja characters into Hangul syllables. (If you wish to lookup each Hanja character individually, use this Hanja to Hangul Conversion tool instead)


Korean Hangul to Hanja Converter
한글을 한자로 변환

Type or copy a text:
insert Korean Hangul content:

here you get some words converted into Hanja:

If you spot any mistakes or have any recommendations for improvement, simply leave a comment below or click on "Report Mistake" to send me a message, Thank you and enjoy!

Watch the video below for a Demonstration of the conversion tool:

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  1. add 火(flame) when it's along with 地獄(hell) to become 地獄火 (Hellfire)

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  3. Thanks for your new vocabs. I will add them in when I have time to spare.

  4. Dear sir

  5. 태영호 --->太永浩
    the North Korea's deputy ambassador to the United Kingdom who escaped to Seoul last year

  6. 女戰士 > 여전사 「Female Warrior」

  7. Here are some ones I know are missing

    탐정 > 探偵 (detective)
    암살 > 暗殺 (to assassinate someone)
    만화 > 漫畵 (comic books, Korean manhwa, Japanese manga, Chinese manhua)