Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Korean Hanja to Korean Hangul to Romanized Korean Converter

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  Korean Hanja to Korean Hangul to Romanized Korean Converter / 한국어한자 — 한국어한글자동전환기
This tool enables most Korean Hanja and Traditional & Simplified Chinese characters to be converted into Korean Hangul. You can insert entire chinese character article content into the left-hand box and the text would be converted into Hangul.

If Hangul articles are inserted into the right-hand box, then the Romanized readings would be displayed on the left-hand box. It is hoped that this tool would be of use to learners of Korean Hanja and/or Hangul.

Most Chinese characters would have Hangul equivalents and in many cases, there may be multiple Hangul readings for a certain Hanja character. This tool aims to produce the most commonly used Hangul reading for a specific Hanja character.

If you spot any Hanja characters that have not been converted into Hangul, simply leave a comment below stating what that Hanja character is and its Hangul equivalent, so it can be updated into the tool.


Korean Hanja to Korean Hangul to Romanized Korean Converter!

Type or copy a text:
insert Korean Hanja or Chinese Character content:

here you get it in Hangul
(Insert Hangul here and you will get Romanized Korean!):

If you spot any mistakes or have any recommendations for improvement, simply leave a comment below or click on "Report Mistake" to send me a message, Thank you and enjoy!

Watch the video below for a Demonstration of the conversion tool:

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