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Chinese Character to Northern Min Converter

Chinese Character to Northern Min Coverter / 中文繁體漢字 — 閩北語羅馬字自動轉換器 Share on Facebook

The Northern Min (Minbei) language is spoken by 11 million people and the Kienning dialect (modern day Jian'ou city) is used as the main standard for writing this language. The Kienning Romanized script is known as Gṳ̿ing-nǎing Lô̤-mǎ-cī.

Currently (as of July 8th, 2016), over 2,400 Chinese characters have been translated into the Northern Min latin orthography. The translations (with credit given to User:唐吉訶德的侍從) are based upon the Romanised orthography adopted by the Western (mainly from Britain for this particular language) missionaries since the 1890s.


Chinese Character to Northern Min Transliterator

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here you get it in Romanized Northern Min (Gṳ̿ing-nǎing Lô̤-mǎ-cī):


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  1. How come some of the Chinese words are not getting transliterated, words like “奶”?

    1. As mentioned above, this tool currently converts 2,400 chinese characters. It is still a Work-in-progress.
      If you are a native speaker of Northern Min or have an indepth understanding of Northern Min romanization, then you are most welcome to help add more words to this tool.

      By the way, the Nothern Min transliteration for 奶 is "nâing". I am 100% certain of this.

  2. The character 奶 has two pronunciations: [naiŋ³³] and [nai²¹].
    By the end of the 19th century when the romanization system was made, there was a distinction between tone II and tone IV, but that distinction seems to have been lost today. So I am not sure if the original spelling for the first pronunciation was "nâing" or "nā̄ing". The second pronunciation should be spelled "nǎi", which is how the word "mother" is written in the 1896 new testament.