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Chinese Character to Cantonese (Yale Romanization) Converter

Chinese Character to Cantonese (Yale Romanization) Coverter / 中文繁體漢字 — 廣東話(耶魯粵語拼音)動轉換器 Share on Facebook

The Cantonese language is spoken predominately in China, Hong Kong and South-east Asia. There are three main types of Latinized Cantonese:

*1. Meyer Wempe (View the Romanized Cantonese Bible published in 1906);
*2. The Yale Romanization of Cantonese; and
*3. Penkyamp

All three romanization systems are useful for learning Cantonese.
This conversion tool uses the Yale romanization of Cantonese which was developed since 1970. (If you are familiar with the older Romanized Cantonese used in the 1906 Cantonese Bible, you can email me a character to word conversion table and I can create the conversion tool).


Chinese Character to Cantonese Transliterator
中文繁體漢字 — 廣東話(耶魯粵語拼音)動轉換器

Type or copy a text:
insert Chinese Traditional characters:

here you get it in Yale Romanized Cantonese:


If you spot any mistakes or have any recommendations for improvement, simply leave a comment below or click on "Report Mistake" to send me a message, Thank you and enjoy!  


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  1. why doesn't it work anymore? I put in the traditional charackters via paste, as usual, but it doesn't show any transliteration. the "yale" box is just blank. I can't find any "convert" button either... refresh the website doesn't work as well.

    1. Hi Myerami, The bug has now been fixed. It was an issue with the storage provider and it should now work as before. Thanks for the notification.

  2. Doesn't seem to work anymore. I can offer to host if that's the problem.

    1. It works fine on all my browsers, Thanks.