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Chinese Character to Taishanese Converter

Chinese Character to Taishanese Romanization Coverter / 中文繁體漢字 — 台山話自動轉換器 Share on Facebook

The Taishanese language is spoken by over three million people around the world - particularly in and around the city-level county of Taishan. It has limited intelligiblity with Cantonese as was stated by a Cantonese speaker: " Toishanese is tough for a cantonese speaker. You can hardly make out the words unless is something basic & obvious "


Chinese Character to Taishanese Transliterator
中文繁體漢字 — 台山話自動轉換器

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  1. do you document somewhere, how to pronounce the romanization? I speak Toysun wah, but your romanization is not intuitive to an English speaker.

    for example the number 4. the romanization is xi. What american would know how to pronounce that?

    1. Here's a quote: "Firstly, Pinyin was not invented to let English speakers read Chinese. It is designed for people learning the pronunciation of Chinese, especially Mandarin of the numerous variations.....While part of the design of Pinyin did refer to some European languages, it does not mean everything is designed according to English. There are many sounds in Mandarin that do not exist in English".

      The same can be said for Romanized Taishanese. You mentioned that you speak Toysun wah, then why do you are concerned over whether or not it is intuitive to an English speaker? Is Mandarin Pinyin more intuitive to an English speaker?

  2. A link to the key for the romanization system(s) would make this a much better tool. (It is already super appreciated! Got here from Wikipedia.)

    1. @echanhust, here is the link: