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Chinese Character to Eastern Min Converter

Chinese Character to Eastern Min Coverter / 中文繁體漢字 — 閩東語羅馬字自動轉換器 Share on Facebook

The Eastern Min (Mindong) language is spoken by 9.5 million people and the Foochowese dialect (modern day Fuzhou city, the capital of Fujian Province) is used as the main standard for writing this language. The Foochowese Romanized alphabet is known as Hók-ciŭ-uâ Bàng-uâ-cê.

An Eastern Min Wikipedia edition also exists.

The words are based on the Dictionary of the Foochow Dialect, 3rd Edition R. S. Maclay, C. C. Baldwin & S. H. Leger, 1929.

A copy of the Foochowese Old Testament and Foochowese New Testament Bible can also be found online in PDF format. A full Unicode version of the text does not yet exist online although certain chapters have already been digitized at Wikisource.


Chinese Character to Eastern Min Transliterator

中文繁體漢字 — 閩東語羅馬字自動轉換器

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here you get it in Romanized Eastern Min (Hók-ciŭ-uâ Bàng-uâ-cê):


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  1. Thank you for making this tool. I am a speaker of Eastern Min myself I always struggled to type in romanization.

  2. I am curious: how did you transform the data from Dictionary of the Foochow Dialect? Manual input?

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  4. 伊各儂 ǐ-gáuk-nè̤ng --> ĭ-gáuk-nè̤ng