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Georgian to Cyrillic Converter

Georgian alphabet to Georgian Cyrillic Coverter / Испанский латиницы на кириллицу транслитерация Share on Facebook

The Georgian edition of Wikipedia exists here. You can learn to read the Georgian language in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Georgia was part of the Russian Empire between 1801-1918. It was part of a Trans-caucasian constituent republic of the Soviet Union between 1922-1936 and then formed the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic between 1936 - 1991.

Today, Russian is widely known and used every day by the majority of people in Georgia aged in their 20's and above. Although Georgian children no longer learn Russian at school, most educated people (of Georgia) would still teach their children Russian.


Georgian alphabet to Georgian Cyrillic Transliterator

ქართული ანბანის კირილიცაზე ტრანსლიტერატორი
Переводчик Грузинской на кириллицу

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