Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Greek alphabet to Cyrillic Converter

Modern Greek Alphabet to Greek Cyrillic Coverter / Польский латиницы на кириллицу транслитерации Share on Facebook


Modern Greek Alphabet to Greek Cyrillic Transliterator

Νέο ελληνικό αλφάβητο σε εργαλείο μεταγραφής στο κυριλλικό αλφάβητο
Переводчик Современный Греческой на кириллицу


Type or copy a text:
insert Greek Alphabet words:

here you get it in Greek Cyrillic:

Disclaimer: As this particular tool is still in its Beta phase, not all words may reflect the actual pronounciation and should not be used as the basis for completion of your homework. If you are a student learning Greek at a your local school or academic institution, please consult with your qualified Greek teacher for further insights.

If you are a native Greek speaker or native Cyrillic user with reasonable proficiency in Greek and have spotted any mistakes or have any recommendations for improvement, simply leave a comment below or send me a message, Thank you and enjoy!  

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