Saturday, October 15, 2016

Polish Latin to Cyrillic Converter

Polish Latin to Polish Cyrillic Coverter / Польский латиницы на кириллицу транслитерации Share on Facebook

For more information regarding the Polish Cyrillic alphabet you can read its Wikipedia entry here. It is predominantly based upon the 19th Century Polish Cyrillic orthography with a few minor exceptions:

*This tool converts dz → дз (whereas the 19th century Polish Cyrillic letter adopted was "s");
*This tool converts ź → з́ (whereas the 19th century letter equivalent was probably unaccented)


Polish Latin to Polish Cyrillic Transliterator

Transliterator Polskiej łacinki na cyrylicę
Переводчик Польской латыни на кириллицу

Type or copy a text:
insert Polish Latin words:

here you get it in Polish Cyrillic:


If you spot any mistakes or have any recommendations for improvement, simply leave a comment below or click on "Report Mistake" to send me a message, Thank you and enjoy!  

UPDATE: It is now possible to view Polish Wikipedia in Polish Cyrillic!

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