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Karelian Latin to Cyrillic Converter

Karelian Latin to Karelian Cyrillic Converter / Карельский латиницы на кириллицу транслитерации Share on Facebook

The Gospel of Matthew was published in Karelian Cyrillic in 1820.
Between 1930 - 1931, the Karelian latin alphabet was experimented for the first time.
Between 1937-1940, a Unified Cyrillic Karelian alphabet (see sample text) was adopted and this replaced the Karelian that was written in latin.

Between 1940 - 1989, the Karelian language ceased to exist as an official written language.

Between 1989 - 2007, a new latin alphabet for Olonets Karelian was adopted and approved by the Karelian local government (despite a 2002 Russian Federal law change that mandated Cyrillic as the only official script for writing all Russian minority languages).

Olonets Karelian Wikipedia currently exists in the latin alphabet. As of now, Karelian and Veps are the only two languages in the CIS that are currently written mainly in the latin alphabet, all the other Russian minority languages are officially written in Cyrillic. (P.S., the Veps language is also written in Cyrillic by some native speakers)


Karelian Latin to Cyrillic Transliterator

Muunnostyökalu Karjalankielisen tekstin muuntamiseksi kyrillisin kirjaimin kirjoitetuksi tekstiksi
Переводчик Карельской на кириллицу


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Note: This tool has not yet been proof-read nor verified by professional Karelian experts and may be subject to change in the near future.

If you are a native Karelian speaker or native Cyrillic user with reasonable proficiency in Karelian and have spotted any mistakes or have any recommendations for improvement, simply leave a comment below or send me a message, Thank you and enjoy!  

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