Asian Transliteration Tools

The following is a list Asian Transliteration tools:

*Korean Hangul to Hanja Converter! (NEW): This converts Korean text into the mixed Hanja and Hangul writing system that Korea used prior to 1945. If you are learning Korean and are already literate in Han characters, then this tool would make Korean even easier to learn!

*Chinese Character to Southern Min Transliterator

*Chinese Character to Hakka Transliterator

*Chinese Characters/Korean Hanja to Korean Hangul to Romanized Korean Converter : This converts all 'Chinese' characters (both Traditional and Simplified) into Korean Hangul and then subsequently to Romanized Korean.

*Chinese Character to Xiao'erjing Arabic Converter! (NEW, July 2016): This converts Chinese Characters and Hanyu Pinyin text into the Xiao'erjing Arabic writing system that is used by the Hui people of China. If you are learning Chinese Characters and are already literate in the Perso-Arabic script, then this tool would make Chinese even easier and more fun to learn!

*Chinese Character to Dungan Cyrillic Transliterator (NEW, July 2016): The Dungan people live in the states of the former Soviet Union where literacy in cyrillic and in their own language is fairly high.

Do you want a transliteration tool for your language?  Is your language written in different writing systems? You can Contact Us to request for its creation.

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